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Time Flies...

When you're having fun *Insert wink face here* Woah! I seriously cannot believe that we are ending June and getting ready for July. It seriously feels like it was a literal blink of the eye when the new year came around.

Now we are officially halfway through the year and as we say in business coming to an end of the second quarter. Kids are ending their school year literally as I am writing and scheduling this post.

I have been busy with physical present work with clients because it is only me as the doula, caregiver of children and animals at this time, booking keep me extremely busy in person with my clients.

I am not going to say it's super easy because what I assumed would be "easy" has actually put me into a space of exhaustion and not going to lie, a lot of other work I have been wanting to build has been taking a back seat. This website included. I am not telling you this to have pity on me or to judge me in any way, you will what you may but I say this because bottom line is, just like you, I am human. As a "acting parent" for 2 families, care giver of animals. It is a lot of energy and effort to give my 100% daily 5, sometimes, 6 and 7 days a week with my families. Burnout will happen if I am not more aware of my planning and schedule. Also recognizing how I manage and set up my spaces in my home environment can and will play a major roll and effect on how I feel on a daily basis.

Example, some can function off of 4, 5, maybe even 6 hours of sleep but me, I need to be in rest mode for 9 and asleep for no less than 7-8 of those hours. We all have our thing. What's important is knowing what works and makes you feel like a better and more functioning person. Oh and all this was not something I figured out overnight. This has been years of me figuring out my routines and habits and paying attention to the days I feel and don't feel my best and making notes whether physical written or mental. Another thing is, we are CONSTANTLY changing and that means our habits, our patterns, our routines and even our environment may need a re-evaluation and take a shift.

The Key components that have been helping me in a transition phase of life have been,

  1. DE cluttering and purging things ESPECIALLY in my bedroom that no longer serve me. That I do not use, Do not wear, making the space as minimalized as possible and refusing to do any kind of work or television watching in the space. I may do another blog specific to living quarters "Bedroom" and give the 411 on creating better restful night habits. (let me actually write that down)

  2. Recognizing I do not have a specific working space for myself. My work and eating space is actually right now for instance where I am sitting is my countertop. I do not have a dining room in my apartment. So I have a long wide countertop that has room for 2 stools and that is where not only I eat my meals, but, do my work and it has been greatly effecting my desire to meal prep and eat...thus resulting to more takeout than desired and unwanted gains which for me leads to more than normal fatigue...So I decided to take on a project of re-creating my living room space and take a corner to turn it into my office area which again means more purging and replacing some unnecessary items and maybe a little re-decorating *wink face*

  3. Another thing is my completion of my "Me Time" in the morning at 5am before I begin my day. Which of course is taking a hit because the lack of sleep I may have some days. Since I have rearranged my bedroom it is a little better! But once I can create and organize my office corner, I know my productivity and routines will absolutely improve. What do I do at 5am? Well wake up and have pre workout (low dose caffeine), Affirmations, Journal 3 intentions, gratitude list, 20 mins or so of Mindset Development reading, Exercise for 45-55mins, get ready to arrive to my client. Side note: I was NOT always a morning person. I remember the days I used to sleep until 12pm if I could! That's a story for another day "note taken"

These top 3 things are the major things I can think of in this moment and have present in my mind. Ultimate goal is Presence and Productivity for exponential growth.

Ask yourself,

  1. What are my challenging areas?

  2. In what ways am I taking steps towards reaching my goals and being more present day to day?

  3. What are some areas I would like to improve upon now?

  4. What steps can you take today to start that improvement?

  5. What goals will take more time and planning to reach?

Be patient with yourself. Be patient with your family and children. It takes time for not only you to develop the habit but then for those around you to get used to the changes. In the end, what's best for you will be best for everyone else.

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