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Welcome to our newest Venture!

I am so excited to be able to FINALLY be able to share what is the brand of STRIVE Wellness & Care NY with each and every one of you!

What began as a thought, an idea of how I can create a platform, a brand, a community to share with women and their families to offer support, build resilience and strength is now becoming an incredible reality!

What brought us here? Well, in September of 2020, during the Coronavirus Global Pandemic that overtook our world, I found out that I was myself pregnant. Unexpectedly, and all in a matter of days, I found out I was having an early pregnancy loss and based off of my HCG levels, soon discovered an ectopic pregnancy according to doctors.

As a caregiver of children infants and toddlers, who has always desired to have children of her own, this was devastating and unfortunate news but, with sharing my story I discovered the importance of support during times like this. Reluctant at first, I decided to take a breath and share my story on social media. It was soon that I discovered many close friends, whom I had no idea, went through a similar experience of their own and in fact suffered in silence until I spoke up and became a voice. We were then no longer alone in the 1 in 4.

It was then that I knew I wanted to do more for my ladies and their families. So, with a little google search, stumbled upon the term, Doula. God laid the foundation for me by going through the experience of loss and the strength to get through it physically and emotionally through fitness, nutrition, self-care and meditation to be able to be there for other women, educating myself more on the importance of taking care of our female, HUMAN VESSEL during these childbearing years.

I look forward to the continued connections on this journey and offering our community education and understanding in the area of birth and postpartum wellness and care. The goal is to offer a new blog post to you once a week whether it be something from a personal experience or educational piece of information. I am so grateful for this community and each and every one of you whom I will meet and create bonds with. We are only just beginning to build the foundation of what is STRIVE Wellness & Care NY and our members, I call part of our STRIVE Tribe!

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to sharing with you all the things as we continue to evolve, grow and transform in this community. #STRIVETribe

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