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What's In My Doula Bag!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

I wanted to come up with a way (for a while now) that I can showcase and share information that I have learned with the community. I am excited to bring you this series every Thursday on my Instagram Platform LIVE at 10AM!

I came up with the thought of "What's in my Doula Bag" while I was putting my bag itself together! I wanted to educate the community and my mommas on what a Doula is because most have no idea! I know I was clueless about what a Doula was and that it was even a thing until I stumbled across what we are on a quick google search of a Midwife one day.

The story there is I was considering midwifery school initially after my ectopic pregnancy and in that search process the name Doula showed up and I knew in my heart that was my calling!

So, Mommas, as Doulas, we actually put a lot of time, planning and research into educating ourselves on the birthing and postpartum process as well as products, handy gadgets or objects that we love to share with our mamas. We have the education and resources to share with you why they can be an important part of your birthing and postpartum experience and journey.

Keep in mind though that EVERY DOULA BAG IS DIFFERENT and every DOULA is different. We all educate ourselves in a variety of things and have our specialties. So, my bag may be different from another.

What's important is that you choose the Doula that is going to work best to suite your needs who you also feel you can bond best with.

Affirmations, love, a smile, what's in my bag and why, it's benefits as well as fitness for pre conception, prenatal and postpartum recovery and even some tasty thoughts and recipes on nutrition are what I will be offering my community in this series. There will be more to come to the website in regards to linking the two together in the nutrition and fitness department so until then just keep checking back and watch the series to learn What's in my Doula bag!

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