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Finding a Self Care Routine (Read to the end for a little from experience moment)

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

As I sit here with a continuously never ending to do list as most of us all have. I sit here currently nurturing period cramps after a soothing hot shower some self massage and a cup of hot chamomile tea. This has brought me to think about and want to share more with you in finding a self care routine.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have begun practicing self care at a young age. Most have been too busy partying, spending time with friends, getting married early and having children before we even truly begin to know our true selves, forget about establishing that self care routine then.

What's important to know is, it's NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN.

It's never too late to start understanding the values and the importance of creating a routine for yourself. Understanding that a Self care routine loos different for EVERYBODY. If you saw my reel on IG last week, I explain how it is just that "Self Care".

Another thing is it evolves over time. What you do now will not look the same in 2, 4, 6+ years. It will look different because you will try some things and they will either work or not work for you. They also may be something you incorporate at different times in the month or when certain times of the year arise and you need more focus in one specific area.

Be patient with yourself. It's ok to adjust.

When I began my self care practices after realization of certain life things after a traumatic car accident, going on 12 years now, it began with just getting my movement back and working on managing my emotions as someone who struggles with emotional eating and I didn't even realize that was a real thing for me that I faced in life more often until about 5 or 6 years later.

My practice went from only incorporating fitness and healthy eating habits to practicing mindfulness, breathing techniques, self growth development reading and listening to audiobooks, focusing on creating better sleep habits and routines, spending time with self and being ok with that alone time and taking myself on a date day or night, etc. so many different things. As I said, the list looks different for everyone. The important thing is we start. If it's disrupted, do not beat yourself up, make it a point to readjust and keep trying until you actually get it the way it feels good.

Today, I had whole plan of action to go all in at the gym early, get in a small amount of cardio and get in my weight training well, my body had a different plan, as I got dressed to hit the gym, the cramps started so I laid on the couch for a bit and said I'm going to sleep here right now with a pillow in my abdomen. I am sure I am not alone in this on those days we feel the cramps come on. In a matter of minutes I moved from the couch to the bed and said "ok body pillow help me these cramps are debilitating...."

Realizing what I just said out loud and from all my personal development lessons, I realized I wasn't practicing what I know truly will help me feel better to be more productive with my day and get my list done so in that moment with my pillow in my abdomen still, I started focusing on my breathing. I remembered one of my favorite influencers on this specific topic, I believe it was Radhi Devlukia, mentioned about how we always feel negative about our cycles and to change the narrative. I did just that. Laying in bed as I was breathing I said, "Body, I thank you for giving me a healthy and strong menstrual cycle this month. I am grateful for you and the way you show me that my body is healthy and still at child bearing age where one day I know you will be able to give me my rainbow. Until then, I am blessed by you to feel the strength, to have been given the opportunity to live this life and be blessed to be able to be strong enough to experience this ritual in my body. Thank you body. Thank you. I am forever grateful" Then I got up made some tea, put on some soothing sounds and took a hot shower, self massage, and now here I am sharing with you the shift that took place in my day. I feel better that I decided to nurture my body instead of beat it down with the negative narrative I was telling myself.

What we should start to recognize more as women, we have more control over the body and mind and how it feels more than anything. That goes for men too yes, but I speak here for women because when we notice

these things we are able to work on managing it better. Our body wants us to recognize how its feeling and care for it in the way its needed. Being connected and in tune with our body will help us in so many ways. Let's begin by changing the narrative about how we show up for it ourselves. Starting to map out your self care routine and accepting change is how we can make progress in a positive way.

I share this today, in hopes that with all the hustle of the holidays, you find that time to care for and nurture yourself, mind, body and soul. Don't forget the most important part of this journey, is how you care for you too.

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