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Life Shifts

Good Morning everyone,

It's amazing how much time passes and I realized I have several drafts saved to this blog that I just didn't publish.

My time has been consumed with being more present with my families that I care for and in between taking care of my own personal life things one of which was my cat Garfield. He had been struggling for a while with eating and digestion issues. His body started going into Kidney Failure and his soul left us on Friday, early morning, July 21st at 3:20AM. I stood along side him petting him and kissing him and telling him how much I loved him and I will be ok and he fell asleep so very peacefully.

I keep wondering if I will truly be ok... I know in time I will be but for right now, I am not. I have moments of tears that shed and moments I appear ok but im my heart, I know, I am not ok. Garfield was more than just a cat, he was my baby. He also came to me at what I didn't know would be the beginning of some of the darkest and most difficult period of my life. Those are all stories for another time although if you personally know me, I am sure you know every single detail of those stories that range from Family struggle, breakups in relationships, 4 times moving homes, my ectopic pregnancy, A total career shift to growing a business. He was the light in my life that kept me moving in a positive direction of growth because I had to care for him and fight to build something greater for our life. Not having him has made me think the last couple days, now what?

Do I give up? Do I sit in my bedroom and cry because this loss hit so hard in thinking now if I go through something hard, I no longer have him to fight for? And the more these things pop into my head I know that those are not the answers. They are not the answers to experience growth. The only way is to keep moving forward. Grieve yes. But, move forward in between the tears and feeling the emotions, make the time now for all the things that I didn't make the time for when he was here and especially the last several weeks he had been struggling and needed more of my time, love and attention.

This boy was so loved. Not only by me but by so many people and he gave so much love to everyone he met in return. I call him the most GRATEFUL CAT you'd ever meet because he was always just that. Grateful to be in a home with so much love and care after so much time he had spent outside before strolling onto my parents deck at their house as a stray but the most friendly and loving you would ever meet.

He couldn't have had a better life. Now it is time for me to put more work into the things I have been developing in my community. This community right here. STRIVE Wellness & Care, NY. I have so many things on the to do list and it's time to really create the community that I have been longing to build with this platform. This was my lifes purpose called to me. With that, I refuse to let Garfield down when I told him I would be ok. Sharing my love, support and walking every day with the type of gratitude he had in his heart. He was so much more than a cat. He was a beautiful soul presented to me that taught me a great lesson in love and self care. He will always be remembered by me and those around him who made an imprint on their hearts whether in person or in the things I shared of him on social media which was alot.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with condolences and support. It is appreciated more than you know.

Sleep in peace sweet boy</3

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