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Pregnancy & Infant Loss Virtual Support Group

As I sit here preparing to offer this Virtual Support group leading up to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance day (Sunday October 15th) We are exactly one month away and I went through my loss 3 years ago on September 21st 2020, 5 days away. I can't help but feel drawn to continue to share and do my best to help and be a support for others. To be a voice and awareness to let people know of this day because I never knew about it until I was experiencing it and although it was tough I remember how full my heart felt knowing there was a specific day named for remembering my angel and that my baby in fact mattered.

So I am creating a safe and supportive virtual space for women and families, people who have lost or know people who have

lost to come together and share their story or be a fly on the wall to hear and gain some resources. There is no pressure for anyone to share at all. I will be offering a chance to hear my story, in a brief nutshell, to anyone who shows up, open the floor to anyone who may want to speak and be a support, educate from what I know and my experience and share resources I have discovered for myself over the last few years.

The Support group will run Saturdays in September through the end of October at 10AM EST except for September 23rd, it will be 9AM EST.

My hope is that I can help create a supportive, loving and resourceful community to understand we are not alone in our experience. Also, to help friends and family members understand healthy and positive ways to approach and support the person going through the loss.

Please Share this blog, follow me on IG and share the post flyer to anyone you may know who needs the support. Thank you.

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