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Happy New Year!

Oh WOW! HELLO 2023! Here we are! Already more than halfway through the beginning of the new year and noticing each day it's staying brighter out closer to 5 and even a little after which means Spring is coming! I know these next couple months for people in colder states, myself in NY included could begin to feel the seasonal emotions with the holidays coming to an end and there being a-lot of blank time in between the next celebrated holiday with friends and family truly being Easter. The lack of Sunshine, we all find it a struggle to just wake up in the morning if not most days, some for sure. I myself have been honing in on how I can better manage that lag and to not veer off course too much where I fins the struggle to get back in the routine. Have you taken a short time out, even if 5 minutes, to figure out what works best for you to better manage and work through those struggle moments?

I have been super busy with a lot of things like overcoming being sick during Christmas and planning for 2023 which has been fun because I have so many things I want to plan and set up for you all as I continue to build up my STRIVE NY Community of families. I don't want to leak too much but you may or may not catch sneak peeks of little things on my Instagram page if you follow me "wink" @STRIVEWellnessandcareny

Nanny Life has been amazing but with every beautiful moment and milestone reached also brings it's challenges! My 2 babies I care for have officially become a toddler and pre school age so with that comes a whole new lesson of life that I am discovering in working with children in an age group I am not all too familiar spending long days with. Infants up to 2 years is my general specialty. 2 years and beyond is a whole new experience of learning and beautiful in it's own way. The emotions and feelings are raw and real because verbally children do not understand fully how to express what they are feeling internally from emotions of sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, etc. Kids feel these things just like we do as adults. In my opinion, helping provide children with insights and helping them learn how to express and then work through those emotions is such an important factor. Once they begin broadening their vocabulary and express what has upset them we can help them with managing and expressing the emotion in a healthy way and show them how they can use words to help them solve the matter at hand which for a child is something as simple as stealing and sharing a toy, not wanting to eat because they aren't feeling hungry yet and the list goes on... So many things that we as adults do not consider prior to having children and once again it continues to be a learning process for all included in the experience.

Garfield - My baby boy has been giving me a run constantly and we are battling this continuous ear infection that we thought was better and then comes back over and over again. So it has been difficult to treat with him resorting to scratching because I am sure it's not comfortable. So, here we are keeping him from scratching with his lovely pink polka dot so I can try to treat the infection! He has a benign mass in the ear that needs surgical removal but that is pending project and the next thing to figure out for him as we get this infection as under control as we can. He pouted about it for a little bit and has woken me up to use the litter box and to eat a couple times at 2 and 3am the last couple nights but his ear is so far looking good and he seems to be adjusting and making a fashion statement with pride. Also, he's LOVING all the EXTRA love, attention and snuggles from Mommy this weekend! Here's him below showing off his new look!

I plan to check in with you more frequently here, even if it is small doses a friend recently told me a little bit goes a long way and Blogs don't have to be lengthy so I am going to work on doing just that and showing up for you with little insights more often! Happy CATURDAY everyone!

Love and Hugs from your neighborhood Doula/Nanny and Pet Sitter,

Miss Jennie

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